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Module 7: Advanced Tools & Integrations

Module 3.7 – Creating Packages

Most orofacial myologists will either bill treatment as a package or on a per appointment basis. Either way, IntakeQ makes it easy!

The first step in offering a package is to design it under Bookings > Booking Settings > Services.

Module 3.7 - Creating a Package

The first way for your patient to purchase a package is for your patient to do it themselves. If you did not hide the package in the booking widget (you would have selected this when you created the service’s settings under Booking > Booking Settings > Services), patients can purchase a package in the booking widget. (Note: they will not be able to create a payment plan on their own in the booking widget. You would have to manually create a payment plan for them.)

The second way to add a package is for you to do it manually. You can apply a package to a patient, add/remove sessions, view all packages, and initiate a payment plan under Bookings > Packages.

Module 3.7 - Payment Plans and Packages

There are two ways to assign an appointment to a package: (1) Schedule the appointment as usual in the booking calendar but click on “package” drop down to assign the appointment to unused sessions; or (2) Navigate to Bookings > Packages, and under the respective package/appointment, click on “schedule” to schedule a new appointment.

To apply an appointment to an existing package, you’ll click on the link that says “Want to assign an existing appointment instead?”

Module 3.7 - Assigning an Appointment to a Package


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