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Module 7: Advanced Tools & Integrations

Module 3.9 – Invoicing

An invoice must be issued prior to accepting payment. IntakeQ will automatically generate an invoice when an appointment is scheduled in the booking widget if auto-charging is enabled. Also, an invoice will be generated if a patient puts a deposit on a payment plan.

You can create, update, and customize your invoice settings by navigating to Lists > Invoices > Invoice Settings

Module 3.9 - Invoice Settings

Here’s how Alyssa customized her invoice settings. Alyssa auto-charges patients on the date of service. Note that since she filmed this video, she did remove the footer on the invoices. She did this because she can change the email content but not the footer of the invoices, and the footer content in the video might not apply to past-due balances. Also, IntakeQ does not allow for invoice reminders at 90 days, so she changed that 90 days to 1 day.

Module 3.9 - Alyssa's Custom Invoice Settings

To enable or disable auto-charging, navigate to Bookings > Booking Settings > Payments

There are several ways to manually create and issue invoices:

  1. In the appointment details when manually when booking an appointment on behalf of a patient (or by clicking on an existing appointment in the booking calendar)
  2. Manually under the “invoices” tab of the patient chart/profile
  3. Manually by navigating to Home > Booking > List and then clicking on the link that says “create”
  4. In the “packages” tab within the patient chart/profile

When creating an invoice, will have the option to: (1) not send the invoice; (2) send the invoice to the patient’s email; or (3) send the invoice to the patient portal. Creating a draft allows you to make additional changes before sending to the patient.

Module 3.9 - Creating Invoices

To view all of your invoices, navigate to Home > Lists > Invoices.

Module 3.9 - Creating Invoices


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