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Module 7: Advanced Tools & Integrations

Module 3.9 – Invoicing

An invoice must be issued prior to accepting payment. IntakeQ will automatically generate an invoice when an appointment is scheduled in the booking widget if auto-charging is enabled . Also, an invoice will be generated if a patient puts a deposit on a payment plan.

You can create, update, and customize your invoice settings by navigating to Lists > Invoices > Invoice Settings

To enable or disable auto-charging, navigate to Bookings > Booking Settings > Payments

There are several ways to manually create and issue invoices:

  1. In the appointment details when manually when booking an appointment on behalf of a patient (or by clicking on an existing appointment in the booking calendar)
  2. Manually under the “invoices” tab of the patient chart/profile
  3. Manually by navigating to Home > Booking > List and then clicking on the link that says “create”
  4. In the “packages” tab within the patient chart/profile

When creating an invoice, will have the option to: (1) not send the invoice; (2) send the invoice to the patient’s email; or (3) send the invoice to the patient portal. Creating a draft allows you to make additional changes before sending to the patient.

To view all of your invoices, navigate to Home > Lists > Invoices.


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