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Module 7: Advanced Tools & Integrations

Module 2.2 – Calendar Settings and Scheduling

Here we show you how to add a new appointment. To add a new appointment, you will navigate to Home > Bookings. From there, you will either click on the “Add Appt.” button or click directly on the calendar to enter all necessary information.

Module 2.2 - Calendar Settings

The team calendar allows you to view all appointments across all providers. You can access the team calendar if you have more than 1 provider by clicking the “team” button above the booking calendar on the Home > Bookings page.

Module 1.2 - The Team Calendar

Want IntakeQ to develop a “future appointment” list? Let them know here:  https://practiceq.canny.io/feature-requests/p/view-a-list-of-a-clients-future-appointments

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