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Module 7: Advanced Tools & Integrations

Module 2.3 – Telehealth

PracticeQ integrates with Zoom and Google Meet. PracticeQ Telehealth (an IntakeQ product) is also available. Doxy is another a great telehealth program, but it does not directly integrate with IntakeQ/PracticeQ. Though Doxy does not directly integrate with IntakeQ/PracticeQ, it is still very easy to use.

PracticeQ Telehealth
IntakeQ Home > More > Subscription
Google Meet
Cost $10 per practitioner per month Healthcare plans start at $149+ per year $6+ per user per month
Get 10% off your first year of Google Business Starter plan using the code 77ADN4VERXQKGT3
or get 10% off your firest year of Google Business Standard plan using the code 39RCNGPGKTFQVDK
$0-50 per provider per month
Does it integrate with IntakeQ? Yes Yes Yes No
Will they sign a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA)? Yes, this is covered under your HIPAA BAA with IntakeQ. Yes, only healthcare plans can be HIPAA complaint. Yes Yes
Does it allow for the recording of sessions? No Yes Yes Photo capture only
Can you offer remote control of your mouse to play online games? No Yes No No
Can you screen share? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Group calls? (>2 people in attendance) No Yes Yes Yes, with paid version
Live chat feature? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Does it log your meeting history (records meeting time, date, and duration) Yes, under Reports > Telehealth Yes Yes Yes
Does it allow for internal branding? Yes, Per IntakeQ, “Our native system uses the client portal as a base, which supports these features.” Yes No Yes, with paid version
File sharing? Yes Yes No Yes, with paid version
Downloads or plugins required? No Yes No No
Unique links at each visit? Yes, unless you set up an event using method 1 here: https://bit.ly/3z8lP78 Depends. If an appointment is recurring, the same link will be generated. For a one-off appointment, a new link will be generated.  (Alternatively, you could not integrate Zoom but use your personal meeting room, like you would for Doxy) Yes No
Other features Whiteboard Whiteboard; Live captions; Virtual waiting room Virtual waiting room;Text notifications when your patient has arrived

Let’s take a closer look at each of the 4 telehealth programs that are most commonly used with IntakeQ:

1. Zoom (Jessica’s favorite telehealth platform)

Module 2.3 - Integrating Zoom

2. Google Meet

Module 2.3 - Google Meet

3. PracticeQ Telehealth

Module 2.3 - PracticeQ Telehealth

Want to allow for remote control of the mouse with PracticeQ Telehealth? Tell IntakeQ here: https://practiceq.canny.io/feature-requests/p/teletherapy-remote-control

4. Doxy.me (Alyssa’s favorite telehealth platform)

Module 2.3 - Doxy


Regardless of which telehealth platform you use, we have a few recommendations:

  • If you haven’t already, we recommend that you create a new location for televisits by navigating to Home > Bookings > Settings > Hours/Locations. Use the location name of “Televisit” and use your telehealth platform (i.e., “Zoom” or “Google Meet”) as your location address. If you use Doxy, we recommend that you input your URL in the location address section instead.
  • If you charge on a per appointment/per service basis (not as a package), we recommend that you create a separate service for service that is offered via televisit. To do this, navigate to Home > Bookings > Settings > Hours/Locations and follow these steps:
    1. You can either create a new service from scratch or duplicate an existing service. (Both the edit and duplicate buttons are to the right of the service.)
    2. For the services offered via televisit, edit the service to include “televisit” in the title.
    3. Then, make sure that the “televisit” service location is unchecked on all in-person services, and similarly, all in-person service locations are unchecked on televisit services.
    4. Then, if you use PracticeQ Telehealth, Zoom, or Google Meet, make sure it is enabled under the “advanced” tab.
    5. Then you can pre-populate some billing information by navigating to the “superbill” tab. Change the default place of service to “10” for televisits, “11” for in-person, and “12” for home visits.
    6. While you’re still on the “superbill” tab, click on “add procedure” and enter an appropriate CPT code to be the default for that service. Change the modifier to “95” for services that are provided via televisit.


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