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Module 7: Advanced Tools & Integrations

Module 4.2 – Customizing Intake Packages

An “Intake Package” is one questionnaire and as many consent forms as you’d like attached to that questionnaire.

To add consent forms to questionnaires, follow these instructions:

Module 4.2 - Adding Consent Forms to Questionnaires

To create an intake package, follow these instructions:

Module 4.2 - Creating an Intake Package

You can also customize the invitation email that the patient receives when you send the intake questionnaire by clicking on the link at the top of the questionnaire.

Module 4.2 - Custom Email Invitations

Here the email invitation that she uses when sending intake forms to new patients.

Note that by clicking the “other messages” tab, you can design an automated confirmation email to be sent to patients who have submitted their intake package. You can also create automated email and SMS reminders for patients who have not yet submitted their paperwork.

This can also be accessed from Home > More > Settings and then by clicking “SMS” and Messages.” Make sure to click the three dots in the upper right corner to edit specific emails. It can be easy to miss.

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