Silly Songs for Myofunctional Therapy


Order a collection of 9 short, silly songs designed to keep kids happy and engaged during orofacial myofunctional therapy. Downloadable MP3 files.

Check out samples of a few of the songs here:

Song 1 Sample (Kissing or Suctioning)
Song 2 Sample (Lingual/Palatal Suction)

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9 ready-to-download songs:

  1. Kiss Sound
  2. Tick Tock Rock
  3. Snake In & Out
  4. Monkeying Around (EEE-OOO)
  5. T D N L Dinosaurs
  6. Side to Side Tongue Wiggles
  7. Taco Tongue
  8. Surprised Granny Pops
  9. Funny Cheek Squeeze