There can be some benefits to pacifier use. For example, research shows pacifiers might help decrease the incidence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

The ideal time to start using a pacifier is after breast feeding has been well-established (to reduce the chance of nipple confusion), and the best time to eliminate a pacifier habit is within the range of 6-11 months of age. There is little to no benefit to pacifier use beyond that point. In fact, beyond that point, the pacifier habit may become problematic.

To help ween your infant off of the pacifier, you could try giving him or her an ARK baby grabber instead. The ARK baby grabber is a tool that was designed to help calm and soothe infants and children up to age 2.

Orofacial myologists offer positive habit cessation programs for adults and children around the age of 5 years- and sometimes as young as 3.


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