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As your child grows older, are you afraid they may never grow out that pesky finger sucking habit?

As an experienced orofacial myologist and dental hygienist, I have seen my fair share of these habits in little ones (and some not so little).

Unfortunately, finger sucking habits can be difficult to kick, since they often become part of the child’s daily routine and a tool for self-comfort.

As impossible as it may seem, quitting is possible.

When parents call my practice, they’re often at their wits end. They either don’t know how to bring up the subject to their child, or they feel like they’ve tried EVERYTHING without success.

There are many common tools and techniques to discourage finger sucking habits, but if your child is not ready to quit, an attempt to push them through the process may do more harm than good. A failed quit attempt may make your child feel less in control of their habit.

Most quitting attempts fail for one of two reasons:

(1) The child was not ready to quit


(2) There was no plan.

… And for that, I have a solution.

Let me introduce you to Simon the three-toed sloth… a relatable little pal!

I created Simon Sucks His Toes and the other books in the Choose Your Own Path: Oral Habit Series because I was disappointed in most children’s books on oral habits.

I wanted to author a book that can be enjoyed by all children with finger sucking habits. That’s why our books are gender neutral.

In this unique children’s book, the your child will accompany Simon on a choose-your-own-adventure style journey. Your child will help Simon by making decisions on behalf concerning whether or not he will continue or stop sucking his toes.

Simon Sucks His Toes is a zero-pressure way to bring awareness to your child’s sucking habit and to initiate a conversation.

The books in this series were strategically designed to be read at the reader’s own pace. If Simon is not ready to quit his habit right now, he will have plenty of opportunities later on — and lots of help too!

This book educates and gently empowers the reader to make “good” decisions for Simon throughout. Importantly, it will not discourage the reader from making “wrong” decisions, reinforcing a self control over the habit. I encourage you to read this book with your child, and praise and encourage them to make good decisions for Simon, and in turn, themselves.

After helping Simon, children are given the opportunity to develop a quitting plan for their own oral habit.

This book also includes a foreword with nuggets of information that can be helpful for adults who read this book along with a child. Parents, pediatricians, dentists, dental hygienists, and orofacial myologists are sure to enjoy this book just as much as the children.



“This book was a great breakdown of what a habit elimination program should provide for a client.  I found it very easy to follow.  I feel that it would be a great addition to my therapies that I offer with a different spin on what I already do.  I look forward to sharing this great resource with the next client I need to do a habit elimination program with to help them quit when they are ready.”
-Kristin Good, M.Ed, QOM



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Simon Sucks His Toes Book


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