What is a Myofunctional Evaluation?

If you are unsure if orofacial myofunctional therapy is right for you, a complimentary phone screening is available at no charge. If it sounds like you or your child would be a good candidate for treatment, the next step is a full orofacial myofunctional evaluation.

At your initial appointment, you should expect to receive an orofacial myofunctional evaluation only. By making both quantitative and qualitative assessments related to your oral function, we can: (1) Make any necessary referrals before the start of treatment; (2) Provide better, individualized care; and (3) Have baseline measurements for comparison during progression throughout our program.

Some things that we may evaluate during your initial appointment can include, but are not limited to:

  • Patterns of chewing and swallowing using saliva, liquids, and foods
  • Basic tongue, lip, and jaw movements
  • Oral rest posture and overall body posture
  • Tongue and lip strength
  • Ability to comfortably nasal breathe
  • Palate size to ensure that it can accommodate the tongue
  • Tonsil size
  • Measurements of occlusion (for example, the size of an open bite)
  • Range of motion of the lips, tongue, and cheeks (this may be restricted in the case of tethered oral tissues/TOTs)

A comprehensive orofacial myofunctional evaluation can range from 60-90 minutes in length.

You should not expect to receive exercises or activities until active treatment begins at the following appointment.