For individuals of all ages, it’s important to prepare for a frenectomy with stretches and/or exercises BEFORE AND AFTER the procedure . Here are a few reasons why.

For babies: By having us teach the caregivers stretches beforehand, you can turn the process into a fun, baby-friendly routine, not associated with discomfort.

For younger children & adults: Younger children may benefit from “practicing” the procedure in advance. Also, with exercises done pre-operatively (as you can see in the attached photo), there can be a drastic change in the tone of the tissue on the floor of the mouth and the underside of the tongue. That makes it much easier for the release provider to visualize the area, and it’s a lot easier for you to learn to maximize function.

Note: If stitches are used in the procedure, stretches are not usually indicated immediately afterward.

Photo courtesy of Joni Grey Loftin MSP-CCC-SLP, COM®